Here is a great web article and quote on what I do - Art Direction. I give vision to marketing and advertising challenges and goals. I'm a story teller and I collaborate with graphic designers, photographers and UX specialists, to create harmonies leaning toward the balance of the client's vision and mine. Here's a bit more:

"Art directors must do one fundamental activity: they must ‘direct.’ If they fail to do this, they are not art directors. While this should not imply that art directors must exhibit arrogance or rigidity, it does mean that they have ‘the divine right of expertise.’ The art director may not always have the final say… but he or she should remain the ultimate arbiter of art and design… The first rule is making decisions, the second is making the right decisions…

“Every art director should start with the belief that his or her job is to lead not follow, direct not be directed, and be as great as possible and not settle for the line of least resistance.”

Steven Heller and Veronique Vienne - Art Direction Explained! At Last!