I have returned back to Los Angeles from a beautiful vacation in Spain. It was a trip of a life time - so far. Every one must visit Spain. Here are the cities I visited: Barcelona, San Sebastian (Basque Country, Malaga, Ronda, Sevilla, Granada, Marbella, Ibiza and Valencia. I definitely recommend The southern Spain states, the Andalusia region. A must return. Thank you Spain; for awesome memories, warmth, excitement, culture and photography.


Hey there. I finally have a bit of time to post recent updates. I have been so fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to do digital production design for Disney ABC for the last 8 months - helping to launch their new ABC App / Aurora. What a great experience and great design team.


New portfolio piece done for EDM producer Alex Mescudi for his newest remix for Never Seen The Sun. Jakarta Ft. Jacob Luttrell. View

Working on production design with Disney ABC for a few months with Oscars.com and their daily TV show and TV specials roster. Should be a fulfilling remainder of the year and start to early 2016. Also finishing up a production company website for A.Muse Entertainment and next week will work on a pitch leave behind presentation design for the storytellers at Slaydmedia.com. Will upload new work when I can.

Fortunate to get an opportunity to design for the hit songwriter, and now solo artist, Verse Simmonds. Thanks to The MBM Firm for digging my work. Check out his most recent single Situationships.

Ahhh weddings. This was a typographically challenging piece to restructure from the original artist's rendering. However, I designed a nice balance in regards to type and imagery. For the most part, I like organic and "waterfall" compositioning, in combination with geometry. I'm looking forward to seeing what the finalized printed invitation will look like. Cool concept. 

The asked for a few other directions. Here are a couple of additional mock ups I felt were elegant, clean and bold.

Excited to be working with the Studio City boutique shop Emerald Forest Gifts on a digital brand revamp. They are about to be catapulted into the 2015s.

Great article on finding your purpose as a designer. Many people in their career journeys feel that they have to settle, in fear for stability and a pay check. However, once one delineates and defines their own purpose with authenticity and motivation as a designer, success and fulfillment will undoubtedly follow. Read more here.

Here is a great web article and quote on what I do - Art Direction. I give vision to marketing and advertising challenges and goals. I'm a story teller and I collaborate with graphic designers, photographers and UX specialists, to create harmonies leaning toward the balance of the client's vision and mine. Here's a bit more:

"Art directors must do one fundamental activity: they must ‘direct.’ If they fail to do this, they are not art directors. While this should not imply that art directors must exhibit arrogance or rigidity, it does mean that they have ‘the divine right of expertise.’ The art director may not always have the final say… but he or she should remain the ultimate arbiter of art and design… The first rule is making decisions, the second is making the right decisions…

“Every art director should start with the belief that his or her job is to lead not follow, direct not be directed, and be as great as possible and not settle for the line of least resistance.”

Steven Heller and Veronique Vienne - Art Direction Explained! At Last!


Thank you Sonnentag Design for giving me the opportunity to design a marketing piece for A&E and the network's Bates Motel television series Emmy nomination.

A couple of behind-the-scenes shots from the Overland.com photoshoot. Another co-art directed and interior staging shoot with Erin from Graceful Habitats. Final shots soon to come from Dave and John at Work Print Photography. Also, view Erin's Pintrest page here for more awesome visual inspirations.

A fun lil app made this - Magisto. A video montage of me and Ernesto during spring break, this past March, in Belize, Central America. Much needed RnR - a true stress reliever.

Here's a new photography start-up company logo I was asked to create recently. Once there is some print collateral to shoot, it's officially going up on the site. I will add a link to view WorkPrint Photography once I get the green light. They are great guys. There is also a logo I did for David Nitzsche, one of the owners, for his personal website. It's showcased on my Instagram for now. More where that came from later.

Work Print Logo Identity